Simple, Affordable Podcasting

Build Your Brand

A podcast is an easy way to build your brand and increase your client base. 

Custom Packages

Each package is custom tailored to the needs of each podcaster. 

Custom Pricing

Each package is priced individually to keep costs low and satisfaction high. 

At Your Place Or Ours

You can record in our studio or in the comfort of your own home or office. 

Podcast Hosting And Distribution On All Major Platforms

Your podcast can be available on all major podcasting platforms in including the Apple Podcast App, Spotify, Stitcher, the Google Podcasts, and more. 



Let us help you tell yours

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Podcasting is the ideal format for long form story telling. Even if your content is meant to entertain, there is no better way to get your thoughts out into the world and tell your story than a podcast. Simpler than writing and practically immediately accessible to the world, your story can go from your head to Spotify or the Apple Podcast app in hours.  

Our Story

53206 On Purpose

We are proud long term residence on the 53206 zip code. 53206 is the poorest zip code in the state of Wisconsin with a median household income of just over $24,000 a year. Small businesses like Pod MKE are a driving force for change in an area overwhelming deprived of economic resources. The Pod MKE studio sits on the border of 53206 just west of interstate 43. While seemingly unconventional as a recording space, the studio at Pod MKE is rich with story, and telling your story is what podcasting is all about. 

Package Options

Pricing For Monthly Packages

We build custom packages for all of our clients, because they each have custom needs. The most popular package is $500/month and includes four half hour episodes recorded on site at Pod Mke with editing, hosting, and description services. 

Below are the different variables to consider when creating your package.

Recording Location

We offer both on-site and mobile options for recording. While many podcasters appreciate the dedicated studio space, some prefer the convenience of recording in their own home or office. 

Show Pages

Build your brand by creating a custom website for podcast. As a partner with Megan Bruzan Consulting, we can build you a custom single page website to highlight your show for a lot less than you might think.

Episode Length

Our podcast pricing is based on the average duration of each episode. Episodes that are between 20 and 30 minutes long are less expensive than episodes that are between 30 and 60 minutes. 

Content Creation

If you are looking to build your following content is king. We can create content around your show for you or partner with you to design content for social media platforms that will drive listeners to your show. 

Episodes Per Month

We offer discounted rates for reoccurring shows as well as podcasts that record more than once a week. 


We support up to four separate recording channels to allow the ability to have multiple guests. Shows with regular guests do require additional editing and therefore tend to be slightly more expensive. 

Pricing For A La Carte Podcasting

We also offer a la carte options for recording. Rates start at as little as $75 for a half hour episode (after a one time $100 start up fee). A variety of add-on options are available including website services and social media content creation. 

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Success Stories

I met Megan through my mentor and she is now my Podcast Producer and editor. She REALLY knows her stuff! It is so refreshing to work with someone that listens to your ideas and then gives you suggestions that are always right on point. She is very flexible and accommodating to changes and guest speakers. Her communication and responses to all of my questions is immediate and detailed. I could not have been more blessed then to have met her. I have introduced her to a good friend and he loves her too! She is the kind of person you want to work with!!!!

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